Latvijas - Ukrainas sadarbības programmas projekts
"Digitālās gatavības un cilvēkkapitāla attīstības dzimumu aspekti reģionos"  Projekta Nr. LV-UA/2018/3

Project duration: 01.01.2019 - 31.03.2021

The total cost of the project is EUR 40,000.00 from the Latvian-Ukrainian Cooperation Program.

Project manager

Dr.paed., prof.V.Ļubkina


Project administrator



Social network, other references

Project implementation team

V.Ļubkina  - project manager, L.Danilāne - project administrator, I.Žogla,  S.Ušča, G.Marzano, A.Abuže, PhD student M.Spridzāns

Project partners

Ternopil National Economicuniversity, Ukraine

Project goal

Based on the analysis of the digital readiness of university lecturers and students and the cultural and psychological factors of gender inequalities in the technological field, develop / implement a joint on-line teacher / teacher professional development program to reduce the gender disproportion of gender in the regions.

Project activities

The project includes seminars and video conferences.

Project results
  • Assessment of digital competence of lecturers and students. Recommendations for improving the training program for lecturers and students.
  • Promoting gender balance; increasing the digital potential of women for university professionals and students in terms of potential self-realization in digital technology.
  • Focusing research, education and local government on issues of IT readiness, gender equality, quality and structure of regional human capital during the transition period
  • Prepared Professional Development Program "Learning for Post-industrial Development" for International Learning in English Online, based on the Community Practice Model, with a view to further implementation of the Ukrainian and Latvian pedagogical activities.