Veicamie darbi un rezultāti 2021

The work plan includes the following activities, methodology and estimated result

1. Adaptation of the "Personal-Cultural Orientations Scale" and "Digital Competency Profiler" to the Latvian conditions and cultural environmen.

2. Conducting and surveying data processing in the doctoral study program "Pedagogy" in Latvia and preparation of a statistical report with the purpose of creating new knowledge in the field of digital learning.

3. Two work-places will be equipped for the group of scientists, including students, by renting 2 stationary computer kits, 2 laptops and 1 IBM® SPSS® Statistics 25 Base software for data processing and statistical reporting;

Development of two 10 credit point (15 ECTS) modules for the doctoral study program 'Pedagogy' -   didactic theories and research of digital learning study courses including practices, synergy of research and practice, involving doctoral students in pedagogical activities of approbation and implementation of study materials in RTA doctoral study program 'Pedagogy'.

Doktora programma ‘Pedagoģija’: Sociālā un Speciālā pedagoģija

During the first year of the project there will be provided an opportunity for 4  scientists, including students, to participate at Experiencing workshops  in Canada - Visit to the Ontario University Laboratories and meetings with Developers of technologies for digital learning.

Improvement of the capacity of the scientific group and the scientific competence in the field of pedagogical science and ICT synergy for the transfer of innovation and interdisciplinarity by organizing a kick-off meeting, exchange visits for on-campus seminars (1), summer schools (2) and regular face to face and online work and outcomes evaluation workshops;

Summer schools/seminars will be organised for scientific staff in cooperation with doctoral students 2x during the project period for 15 participants during the project; expenses for room rental and seminar services will be covered by this project.

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4. Improvement of the study environment includes: the supplementation of essential equipment of existing study premises and the placement of video premises for distance  digital learning, attracting a master's student in the field of IT, creating a project website, ensuring accessibility of innovative materials in the e-environment, providing e-services and their efficient use;

Rent a Web conferencing equipment (1 set) for transformative digital learning, for approbation and implementation of the newly developed modules.

5. Consolidation of the scientific results of the project by preparing the draft of monograph, reports at conferences and seminars, implementation of measures in cooperation with the University of Latvia; Daugavpils University and Liepaja University economic sectors (education) and local partners;

Dissemination and explotation activities in Latvija and world-wide, publicity of the results (

Table No 1

Indicators of the outcome impacts 

Estimated number

till the end

1. scientific publications


            1.1. articles  (SCOPUS, WoSCC un/vai ERIH+)


            1.2. other blind-reviewed scientific articles


            1.3. reviewed scientific monograph


2. Intellectual property rights (patents, registered varieties, etc.


3. International scientific conferences to organize and participate 


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