Olga Vindača graduate of RTA master's study program "Pedagogics"

Olga Vindaca graduate of RTA master's study program "Pedagogics" with Master's Thesis “Digital Competence in the Context of Learning Conceptual Aspects in Higher Education Institutions”. Development of Master’s Thesis funded by Latvian Council of Science applied research project "Implementation of Transformative Digital Learning in Doctoral Program of Pedagogical Science in Latvia" (DocTransDigLearnLat)", Nr. Lzp-2018/2-0180. It should be emphasized that the Master's Examination Commission directed the work of O. Vindaca to the Intellectual Property Commission of RTA as a high-intellectual work.

Olga Vindaca graduated from Rezekne Higher Education Institution in 2004 (now Rezekne Academy of Technologies (RTA)) and acquired 2nd level professional higher education as an English teacher and this year O. Vindaca graduated from the academic master's program “Pedagogics”. "Since the 21st century is called the new digital era, digitalisation has an impact on people's lives, communication, studies and work, so it is important for everyone to develop and improve their digital skills and competences throughout their lives. The need to integrate the latest information technologies in the study process of higher education institutions determined the choice and topicality of the topic,” says Olga, choosing the topic of the Master's thesis.

“One of the success factors for technology introduction and integration is the people's attitude to information technology. Within the framework of the research, the scale was adapted to determine the attitude of students and lecturers of higher education institutions of Latvia to IT, because positive attitude is the readiness indicator of people and the first step to successful development of digital competence. Continuing research on self-assessment of digital competence, the research offered a self-assessment questionnaire for digital competence, which allows to identify advantages and disadvantages, as well as to clarify restrictions and need for improvement, ”says Olga, acknowledging that she plans to continue her research while studying for doctoral studies. Olga does not hide that, while living and working in Rezekne, continuing studies at RTA is a good opportunity. While describing the study environment and the support available from the academic staff, Olga says: “RTA is a professional and experienced tutor, I would like to thank my supervisor Dr. Paed., professor Velta Lubkina for inspiration, motivation, help and support. She sets the example for students to achieve the highest goal.”

Speaking of the academy and its offer to students, Olga admits that RTA is a "modern higher education institution with extensive study opportunities and challenges".

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Photo from O. Vindaca personal archive