“Transformative Digital Learning: Theory and practice” (e-learning courses) 1st lecture

On May 23 took place first online lesson of “Transformative Digital Learning: Theory and Practice” courses. The trainers were Olena Mykhailenko and Todd Blayone from Ontario University, EILAB researchers (Canada).

The lesson was organized using the Adobe Connect tool, which allows the user to connect from anywhere in the world and to be online with others.
During the lesson, questions about transformative digital learning were discussed:

  1. What should transformative learning (TL) transform?
  2. Scoping TL: Transformative foci.
  3. Barriers to TL
  4. TL readiness factors (Cultural values, Resources & digital infrastructure, Digital and research competencies)
  5. Modelling TL

Participants had the opportunity to improve their knowledge of the theoretical approaches to transformative digital learning and the opportunities to use e-environment effectively in academic and research work. The communicative competence was also improved by approbating communication in the digital environment about the essence of transformative digital learning.

Read more about the courses here.

19 participants took part in the lecture:
  • Irēna Žogla
  • Mārtiņš Spridzāns
  • Kristīne Niedre-Lathere
  • Ļubova Denisova
  • Rita Burceva
  • Kaspars Vārpiņš
  • Olga Vindača
  • Līga Rundāne
  • Irēna Beinaroviča- Litvinova
  • Aivars Vilkaste
  • Anda Abuže
  • Sandra Stafecka
  • Varis Prudņikovs
  • Ginta Strauta
  • Linda Pavītola
  • Aivars Kaupuzs
  • Mihails Kijaško
  • Līvija Jankovska
  • Jekaterina Livdāne