“Transformative Digital Learning: Theory and practice” (e-learning courses)

Applying for the professional development program “Transformative Digital Learning: Theory and Practice” at Rezekne Academy of Technologies.

Target goups:

  • pedagogy doctoral students,
  • master students who are doing research on digital learning,
  • as well as doctoral and master students of other study programs.

The offer could also be of interest to researchers, academic personal, research scientific leaders.

General information: The Program is Implemented in Applied Research Implementation of Transformative Digital Learning in the Doctoral Study Program “Pedagogy” in Latvia, DocTDLL, which is implemented in cooperation with Ontario University, Canada EILAB. Acquisition of the program will promote the understanding of doctoral students, postgraduates and lecturers on theoretical approaches to transformative digital learning, their use in research and practice for organizing digital learning process or conducting research in digital learning. At the same time, the course will test the readiness of lecturers and doctoral students to organize the study process in doctoral / master studies on the e-platform, offering students the opportunity to study remotely in a digital environment.
Course length (hours): 16 academic hours.

Upon successful completion of courses participants will be awarded with certificates.

Working languages: Latvian and English.

Start of the program: May 23, 2019.

The project funding covers the cost of the program.
Applying until May 13, 2019: http://www.rta.lv/mic_pieteiksanas_kursiem.
Contact person for course content: irena.zogla@lu.lv
Information on courses at RTA homepage: https://www.rta.lv/aktualitates/1881/
Professional Development Program: