ERASMUS+ project "SMM4WIN"

ERASMUS+ project "Social media marketing skills for fostering the inclusion and  employability of young people with disabilities - SMM4WIN"
Project Nr. 2019-2-PL01-KA205-066133

The short summary of our project.
The " SMM4WIN - Social media marketing skills for fostering the inclusion and employability of young people with disabilities" paims help young people with disabilities get new skills in social media marketing as a tool for professional work, self-realization and communication, promotion of their own personal brand and career development, through an advanced educational initiative based on: Peer training in order to motivate young people in learning tasks; Advanced structured laboratory activities; A smart learning environment. The proposal is aimed to achieve of the specific objectives: • Foster the social and economic inclusion and employability of young people with disabilities, self-employability in Social and Business Services • Equip young people with disabilities with knowledge and relevant skills in n social networks marketing relevant for their social and professional lives and enhance their civic skills. This is realize through researching, creating and teaching the developed course, creation of e-learning materials package and placement it on open resource for the general public. • Promoting inclusiveness in social and economic life, demonstrating the achievements of people with disabilities, in order to improve public perception, overcoming the stereotypes associated with the positions and opportunities of a person with a disability in the labor market. Project Target Groups • People with disabilities from the NEETs category who require social adumting, motivation for learning and professional orientation (18-35 y.old) • Young people with disabilities who need SMM skills to promote their personal brand / professional growth / career building (18-35 y.old) • Young people with disabilities who want to work in the field of SMM (18-35 y.old) • Representatives of NGOs and Social Services who help people with disabilities and responsible for SMM organizations.(without age restrictions) - Young expert in SMM and Young social educators and social workers unemployed or employed who are interested to be a tutor/researcher in this project. SMM4WIN aims at realizing an innovative and transnational training program on social networks marketing supported by a 'smart learning environment'. Our training activities will be interactive and intensive (both face-to-face and virtual). They will be carried out with the contribution of young social educators and social workers as well as with the involvement of representatives of social enterprises, public social services, and social service users. We will realize transnational youth SMM4WIN laboratory activities as a concrete example of the use of a “smart learning environment”. SMM for WIN: •Work (SMM skills for employability of young people with disabilities)

•Inclusion (in public life) • Novate (actual skills in the digital field). The SMM4WIN project will produce the following concrete results: 1. Report on Research “Young people with disabilities in social media” (IO1). 2. Smart learning environment and Youth DSI SMM Community platform (IO2). 3. SMM Training program: implementation, running, and reporting (IO3). 4. Recommendations for policy makers and handbook for SMM (IO4). The project Consortium is formed of 4 partners from Poland, Italy, Latvia, and Ukraine. It involves higher education institutions and NGOs

Our project has 4 partners, including one of them, Zofia Zamenhof Foundation is a leader. Below are brief descriptions of the project partners.

Zofia Zamenhof Foundation
We want to contribute to increase the level of education of various social groups in countries where we are going to run our work and to have an influence on the integration processes between nations. We are certain that the education gives a chance to grow and makes the social differences smaller. Real and deep intercultural dialogue is only possible thanks to education. Thus, our work aims also at education and training, also in the aspect of international cooperation. Zofia Zamenhof foundation aims at preserving democratic structures and European values in Poland and spreading these values in eastern Europe countries which do not belong to European Union yet. Shaping civil attitudes as well as supporting civil activities are main directions of our foundation.


Rezekne Academy of Technologies
Since the very beginning of the Republic of Latvia, institutions of higher education have had significant and important role in the development of Latgale region. Between 1925 and 1944, there was Rezekne State Teachers` Institute in Rezekne. Since 1991, there was Rezekne Teachers` Institute which was incorporated in the RHEIas the Faculty of Pedagogy in 1995. The independent higher education institution revived when Republic of Latvia restored its independence in 1991. There are three faculties at Rezekne Academy of Technologies (RTA): Faculty of Economics and Management, Faculty of Engineering, and Faculty of Education, Languages, and Design. RTA faculties, three scientific institutes, and cooperating institutions promote the development of science and research, acquisition of new technologies, development and transfer to Latvian national economy.

Ecoistituto del Friuli Venezia Giulia
Ecoistituto is a non-profit research institute created in 1989. The activity of Ecoistituto focuses on sustainable development following a multidisciplinary approach finalized to promote effective and sustainable results and enhance the livability of citizens. Ecoistituto is involved in local and international projects for young people and older persons. Ecoistituto developed educational initiatives for children with special needs.

Academy of Labor, Social Relations and Tourism in Kiev

The Academy of Labour, Social Relations and Tourism (ALSRT) was founded by Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine as a higher educational institution in 1993. Its aim is to perform training of highly qualified specialists in economics, finance, sociology, social work, marketing, management, law, tourism, social partnership, environment protection etc.

The Academy has the 4th level of accreditation (the highest in Ukraine) and the right to give a state diploma of a bachelor, master and PhD degrees.

Famous scientists, specialists, politicians, businessmen work with the ALSRT. All these give an opportunity to get education of both national and European standards.

The ALSRT develops different international activities. Among them are: cоoperation with European universities (students and teachers exchange, master and bachelor double degree programs), participation in international students’ competitions, participation in international projects funded by international donors.

ALSRT is leading private university in Ukraine in research activities and experience in youth field and has u number of learning programs for people with disabilities.

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