12. starptautiskā zinātniski praktiskā konference "Vide. Tehnoloģija. Resursi"

2019. gada 20. - 22. jūnijā pētniece - izpildītāja Dr. Olena Mykhailenko,  galvenais izpildītājs Todd Blayone, projekta galvenā izpildītāja Dr. habil. Irēna Žogla, projekta vadītāja DR., prof. Velta Ļubkina piedalījās 12. starptautiskajā zinātniski praktiskajā konferencē "Vide. Tehnoloģijas. Resursi" Rēzeknē ar rakstu "Using Activity Theory for Modelling Transformative Digital Learning". Raksts iesniegts indeksēšanai SCOPUS datubāzē.

Publikācija sagatavota angļu valodā. Tās anotācija:
"In support of ongoing educational transformation in post-Soviet nations, this article positions activity theory (in the tradition of Engeström) as a framework for modelling changes towards innovative forms of collaborative, fully online digital learning. A strength of activity theory is that it adopts a holistic socio-technical perspective in which teachers, learners, technologies, peda-gogical values, roles/identities and rules/cultures are considered together as interdependent elements of collective activity. An illustrative example is offered to model a current and envisioned (target) activity system. In addition, a few considerations to guide research are offered. These include an emphasis on measuring the general readiness of students and teachers, and the need to explore gender divides. The goal is to help envision program transformations towards online learning at two partner universities as part of Ukrainian and Latvian, government-funded projects."

Ar pilnu publikācijas tekstu var iepazīties DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.17770/etr2019vol2.4044.